Middleton Amateur Dramatics
You will undoubtedly be aware that Middleton attempt to entertain everyone with a bi-annual Pantomime.  The four Pantomimes performed so far have been a great success not only in the enjoyment given but financially. From the profits made from ticket sales and raffles, we have been able to donate considerable sums to various charities and fund local community projects such as the Herd garden on the Village Green and to the Middleton HS2 Action Group. Without exception all who have seen them and even performed in them have been overwhelmed by the professionalism and fun that each Panto has created. 

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Producer          Gill Keegan                    0121 308 5791
Secretary         Peter Rotherham             07986 592985 
Treasurer         Diane Rowland                0121 308 4849
Contact Peter Rotherham Tel No. 07986 592985 
In 2004, Middleton's own version of Aladdin was performed, followed in 2006, by Jack and the Beanstalk, then in 2008, Cinderella and in 2010 Dick from Whittington.

Our latest success in February 2012 has been Wizard Oz.  Click below to see on of the funniest scene. Synchronised Swimming you may well ask how that ended up in the Wizard of Oz!


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It seems that, such is the enthusiasm for this bi-annual event, the memory of the Pantomimes performed far exceeds the time it takes for the rehearsals and the performances itself, proving how well-loved they are.  Twelve months later, you can still hear people talking about the last panto which is extremely gratifying and makes the effort required to stage the performances, very worthwhile.
Scenes from Dick from Whittington.......
Characters from Cinderella........
......And memories from Jack
The Wizard Oz.......